The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

What better place to go to in the western region of the world then Hong Kong, the contemporary cultural hub of South East Asia. Forming the ideal blend of modern and traditional culture, Hong Kong has something for everyone. It is the gateway to China and a shopping heaven for shoppers. Whether you enjoy taking part in the glitz and glamour of local shopping malls, dingy back alleys or a quiet walk amongst the Hong Kong bush harbour, there is sure to be something special to draw you in. Below are some of the top things to do while you are in Hong Kong.

Visit Hong Kong

Cultural events are an integral part of life in Hong Kong. There are various annual cultural events which take place in and around the harbour area and Hong Kong Island. These events bring together local people from all walks of life to celebrate, get excited about and learn more about the traditions and history of the region. There is the Chinese New Year, the Kung Feng Festival, the Hong Kong Culture Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Song Festival, the Hong Kong Flower Festival, the Hong Kong Cultural Festival and the Hong Kong Film Festival to name but a few.

The Chinese New Year is perhaps the most popular time to visit Hong Kong. Chinese people commemorate the beginning of spring by preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. From March to early April, locals gather at the beginning of the new year to celebrate and meditate. For lovers, this is the ideal time to propose and rediscover love. A trip to Victoria Harbour is a must-do event for those interested in witnessing the Chinese New Year. For those lucky enough to watch the New Year fireworks, there are several entertainment shows which are held at various venues all around the harbour area.

Another popular time to visit Hong Kong is during the summer when the weather is warm and the lush landscape of the countryside comes alive. During the Chinese New Year, the streets and parks of Hong Kong become alive with colour as people light lanterns and set off firecrackers to wish others a happy New Year. The National Park is another place which is well-known for its amazing scenery and offers an array of activities which people of all ages can enjoy. There are numerous walking trails through the national park, which provide a wonderful image source of the Hong Kong countryside. The Hong Kong Information Centre in Central, which is also located in Central, offers information about all the various places in and around Hong Kong.

One of the most popular ways to explore Hong Kong would be by means of a private tour. A private tour will allow you to explore the entire city by your own means and time. You will be provided with accommodation in a luxurious hotel and guided tours through all the major sights of Hong Kong. The best time to visit hong kong by a private tour is during the Chinese New Year, as most tourist sites are closed during that time.

When visiting Hong Kong one of the most important aspects to take into account is the transportation system that is used there. The best time to travel by public transport is during the mornings, as the transportation system is less congested and the traffic is at a lower rate during that time. The most popular modes of transportation in hong kong are the airway bus service, which travels between the districts of the city, the subway system and the Mass Transit system.

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