Eating in Hong Kong Has Never Been Easier!

Eating in Hong Kong is more than a simple fast food fare anymore. Fast food chains have taken over the local market, leaving only affordable and healthy meals for the masses. And because of this competition many restaurants have added modern and inviting environments to provide an appealing eating atmosphere to its patrons. In addition, some of these restaurants have also resorted to providing customised menus catering to the dietary requirements of their customers. The following are some of the eateries that serve great cuisines that you should try out:

Eating in Hong Kong

This restaurant is a former local hangout for the locals. Its traditional Chinese themed restaurant is still very popular among locals. It serves delicious traditional Chinese food in various forms such as stir fried noodles, roast beef, steamed vegetables, chicken dishes, and seafood. This restaurant also has an on-site restaurant chef who provides customers with suggestions on how to make their food even tastier.

This restaurant has a very relaxed ambience that creates a pleasant and tranquil environment in which the diners can enjoy their meal. It offers a variety of fresh local ingredients from which the chefs use to prepare the food. One of the local favourites is the BBQ duck breast, which is prepared using boneless, skinless chicken breast. The dish is then marinated in soy sauce, garlic and white wine before being steamed slowly. This restaurant is also known for its unique tropical drinks that are made from local fruits and juices.

This restaurant serves affordable fresh seafood that is freshly caught off the shores of Hong Kong. Some of its specialties are its lobster bisque, crab cakes and lobster salad. Another good thing about this restaurant is that it also serves an International lunch service every day which provides a lunch to the workers of the restaurant at very affordable prices. The lobster soup that is offered here is well known in China and is very popular!

This restaurant is located right in the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping district. Many of its patrons are shoppers who come to the mall just to buy a bit of local fashion. However, this restaurant serves quality food that is reasonably priced. The variety of its food is especially commendable since it offers a wide variety of food that is both local and international in nature. Some of its entrees include the regular noodles dumplings as well as Hong Kong style crab cooked in Chinese sauce.

In the past, only the super exclusive restaurants in the area were able to provide these amazing dishes. However, with the recent opening of such restaurants like these, the public has now access to such great food. This has caused the prices of these restaurants to drastically drop which is why even ordinary folks can now enjoy a great tasting meal! Eating in Hong Kong is now much more reasonable affair thanks to these wonderful restaurants!

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