Tips On How To Living In Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong can be an extremely enjoyable and profitable experience. Hong Kong is an internationally recognised commercial centre of commerce, and boasts one of the busiest container ports in the whole world. The average per capita income is among the highest in the western world, and the public transport system provides a rapid, efficient and hassle-free way of life. However, there are many more exciting aspects to consider when deciding to move to Hong Kong. Here we look at some of them.

Living in Hong Kong

If you are interested in taking up a career in law or government, or even medicine or engineering, you may find it easier to obtain a degree from one of Hong Kong’s universities. There are numerous top-quality universities throughout the region, including the universities of Hong Kong, Oxford, Cambridge and many others. Alternatively, you could choose to enroll at one of China’s top universities such as the University of Hong Kong (HKUMS), University of Beijing (RYTH) or the Chinese University of Hong Kong (UCH). You may also be able to find work through the auspices of various Hong Kong companies, or take up employment with Chinese diplomatic representatives or trade delegations. If you have already completed your undergraduate studies, you will be able to participate in one or more of these programmes and begin a career in Hong Kong society and life.

If you are an expat wanting to live in Hong Kong full time, you will find that the cost of living is very low. Basic amenities are quite affordable, especially when compared to neighbouring countries such as China and Taiwan. Food, especially Western-style varieties, is cheap and easy to get hold of. In addition, it is widely accepted and encouraged that expats integrate fully into the Chinese social scene, either by working or by undertaking an exchange program.

As a large numbers of expats have chosen to rent accommodation in one of China’s cosmopolitan cities, there are many large apartment blocks and townhouses available for rent. These fully furnished apartments and villas are ideally located near popular nightspots and shopping areas, making it easy to access the city’s important establishments. Many expats choose to rent an apartment block as they provide an excellent base to explore the local culture and shopping districts. However, if you prefer to live amongst the crowds and be closer to the local restaurants, you will be better advised to choose a private rented flat.

For those wishing to travel to the nearby cities of Macau and Singapore, expats often opt to book a return ticket on a local ferry service. The ferry service runs regularly between the two Hong Kong destinations and runs every day between Friday evening and Sunday evening. This ferry service leaves from the Victoria Park Ferry terminal in Causeway Road, Hong Kong. You can reach Macau by paying a fare of between one hundred and five hundred dollars.

The most convenient way to reach Macau and Singapore from Hong Kong is to take a train or bus. Once in either destination, it is only a short drive to the international airport, allowing you easy access to any other major cities in China. Alternatively, a high speed ferry ride is also available from the Hong Kong Island. If you prefer to spend your free time exploring the exotic Chinese countryside, taking a scenic trip across the enchanting Hong Kong Island will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. However, if you wish to enjoy a quieter journey and more distant destinations, you may wish to consider a rail trip or cab.

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